Welcome to OBA Education Advisors

If you are intending on studying abroad but are experiencing difficulty in finding the right university to meet your needs, you have come to the right place. O’Brien Associates (OBA) are study abroad consultants with over 50 years combined experience in overseas education. We specialise in matching students with University courses suitable to their individual needs.

OBA Universities and Colleges are carefully chosen. Our associated institutions have long standing reputations and modern education environments, thus preparing their graduates for global citizenship capable of adapting to an ever-changing world and achieving successful overseas employment.

O'Brien Associates (OBA) specialise in guiding students who wish to study abroad in Ireland, Europe, Malaysia the USA and the UAE. OBA can advise on scholarships and scholarship opportunities. OBA can inform on immigration rules and regulations, part time jobs and the potential to obtain a work permit, finally OBA can provide expert guidance on student visa procedures.

OBA offers a large number of Master, Post Graduate and Bachelor degree courses from an excellent array of top class associated Universities. We have particular expertise in Medical and Nursing Master Degree's. We can make your dream of study abroad and international career success a reality. 

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